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| No. 31 Cannabis Incense

Elevate your home, body and spirit with this cannabis, patchouli and vetiver scented incense.


Selenite Stick - Small

Selenite crystal piece


| Room Ritual | Relaxing Room Mist | Lavender

Muse Bath Room Ritual Mist is luxurious aromatherapy mist infused with organic lavender essential oils that refreshes a space with a calm and serene atmosphere. This soothing mist can be misted in home to impart the therapeutic aromas of lavender. It’s a


| Room Spray | No. 29 Piñon

An easy room refresher. Transform your space with a few sprays of this authentic scent of the southwest.


| Los Angeles Incense

Defiant with depth, this scent honors its namesake. Woody base of redwood, sea salt and beachwood. A heart of sea salt, coastal sage, and sarrow. Topped by night blooming jasmine, dry desert air, and lime.


| No. 26 Copal Incense

A cleansing scent inspired by a weekend in Tulum. Resinous base of patchouli, cedar, vanilla and resin. A heart of thyme, amber, and cypress. Topped by rosemary, pepper, and cardamom.


Rose Quartz Crystal | Small

Let love in with our rose quartz crystals. Known to bring balance to emotions and raise self-esteem and confidence.


Palo Santo

There's a reason it's known as "holy wood." Light up Palo Santo, a natural wood incense, to purify and cleanse the air in any space, while combating negative energy by ridding misfortune - so they say. The only thing left behind is a soothing scent of cit


Incense Sticks, Far Out

Charcoal incense sticks scented with therapeutic-grade essential oils. Each box includes 20 sticks


Incense Sticks, Get a Room

Charcoal incense sticks scented with therapeutic-grade essential oils. Each box includes 20 sticks.


| No. 32 Sandalwood Rose Incense

Incense can quickly transform a room. Transformative smoke uplifts the room while their signature scents linger for hours. Includes 15 sticks per package.

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