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Ekobo | ONA Essential Oil Diffuser | White

Made with eco-friendly bamboo fiber, FSC wood and mouth-blown glass Features power control to adjust the diffusion


Muse Bath | Room Ritual | Relaxing Room Mist | Lavender

Muse Bath Room Ritual Mist is luxurious aromatherapy mist infused with organic lavender essential oils that refreshes a space with a calm and serene atmosphere. This soothing mist can be misted in home to impart the therapeutic aromas of lavender. It’s a


P.F. Candle Co. | No. 31 Cannabis Diffuser

A celebratory scent honoring California's 2018 legalization. Heady base of sweet balsamic, leather, and vetiver. A heart of sweet rhubarb and patchouli. Topped by spice cloves, lemon, and cannabis flower scent.


P.F. Candle Co. | Room Spray | No. 29 Piñon

An easy room refresher. Transform your space with a few sprays of this authentic scent of the southwest.

Top: pine, balsam fir
Heart: amber, black pepper
Base: vanilla, cedarwood, cinnamon


Truck & Barter | White Grapefuit Diffuser

Reduce stress, enhance your mood and promote circulation through the scent of crisp white grapefruit.

top: grapefuit, bright citrust
base: lemon, sweet lemongrass


Truck & Barter | Redwood & Rose Diffuser

Improve your overall mood with sweet embrace of redwood and rose essential oils.

top: old world rose, musk, warm redwood
base: sweet bergamot


Lucia | Laurel Leaf & Olive Reed Diffuser

Relieve muscle and joint tensions with the aromatic power of Laurel Leaf paired with super antioxidant of Olive.


Truck & Barter | Fig & Bergamot Diffuser

The scent of earl grey welcomes you with the help of sweet figs to bring serenity into your home.

Top: sweet fig, black currant, oakmoss
base: bergamot, smoke


Apotheke Apotheke Diffuser- Bamboo

5.8 fl.oz - Fresh-forward. A blend of light moss, white thyme, and robust bamboo.