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Garden + Forest Infusions Candle- Forest Floor

8oz soy wax candle with notes of wet dirt, rain soaked ferns, moss and damp forest floor.


Dark, Wild & Deep Candle- Gold Dust

2oz soy wax candle with notes of santal, saffron, hyacinth, tobacco, orris, musk, and dark patchouli.


Dark, Wild & Deep Candle- Moonlight Mile

2oz soy wax candle with notes of grapefruit flower, musk powder, sandalwood, black patchouli, and golden moon oil.


| No. 2 Laurel Leaf & Olive Soy Candle

Bright and sweet, with laurel leaf and spicy olive blossom.


| Immune Illume Soy Candle

Clear the air, and make room for this creativity and clarity. A thoughtful blend of botanicals and bright citrus - rosemary, eucalyptus, black spruce, oregano, and grapefruit - benefits and lungs and mind. The vibrant glow and herbaceous scent - well, tha


| Radiant Love Soy Candle

Cozy up any corner with the romantically radiant flicker from this candle. Rich vanilla and cinnamon pair with bright blood orange for a soft scent that's as warm as its glow. Handpoured with 100% beeswax.


| Los Angeles Incense

Defiant with depth, this scent honors its namesake. Woody base of redwood, sea salt and beachwood. A heart of sea salt, coastal sage, and sarrow. Topped by night blooming jasmine, dry desert air, and lime.


Incense Sticks, Far Out

Charcoal incense sticks scented with therapeutic-grade essential oils. Each box includes 20 sticks


| Redwood & Rose Diffuser

Improve your overall mood with sweet embrace of redwood and rose essential oils.

top: old world rose, musk, warm redwood
base: sweet bergamot


Garden + Forest Infusions Candle- Bergamot

8oz soy wax candle with notes of bright citrus, ginger, bergamot, aromatic magnolia flower, lime, soft moss, and indian sandalwood.


Garden + Forest Infusions Candle- Fig

8oz soy wax candle with notes of herbaceous tagetes, green marigold oil, woody davana oil, sweet sunkissed red fruit and mulberry.


Dark, Wild & Deep Candle- Strangest Color Blue

2oz soy wax candle with notes of salted sea, freshly fallen flower petals, driftwood, water lily, and sheer musk.

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