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From:fran Cotton Candy Double Espresso/Lungo Mug- Pink, White

Add extra magic and a pink vibe to your day with this handmade porcelain mug built with stained pink and white slabs. It has a beautiful marbled look and a raw finish on the surface and a glossy finish inside. Holds 6 oz of your favorite drink.


From:fran Mysterious Espresso Cup- Black, Grey, Gold

Black is technically not a color but it is bold, sleek, magical and mysterious. Use the Mysterious Cup to drink your morning espresso and set your intentions for the day.


From:fran Serenity Double Espresso/Lungo Mug- Blue, Pink, Periwinkle

This is a handmade espresso shot mug built with colored porcelain. It has a beautiful accent of traditional 22kt gold luster on a ring shaped handle, a raw finish on the surface and a glossy finish inside.


From:fran Big Dreamy Mug- White, Turquoise with Gold Handle

Think and drink in colors with this beautiful hand-built cup. Turquoise is soothing and calm to set the tone for a moment of peace within your day. This cup has is accented with a beautiful 22kt gold luster on a ring-shaped handle and a matte soft finish.


From:fran Speckled Lively Espresso Cup- Gold, Pink, Green

Hand-built cute espresso cup. One-of-a-kind. It has a gold luster detail and granate powder speckles. Let the energy waves of this color combination help you reach the state of being untroubled. Restore balance and your energy field by doing the things yo


From:fran Multi Double Espresso/Lungo Mugs- White, Pink, Navy, Gold

This is a dainty and unique handmade mug with a beautiful accent of traditional 22kt gold luster and a glossy finish on the surface and inside. The colored clay, underglaze pencil, and gold accents give the surface a unique variation and texture.