Leah Alexandra

Min: $0 Max: $250

Emerald Cut Ring w/ Topaz Sz. 6

Referencing Art Deco architecture, this cocktail ring of bygone eras is brought to modern sophistication through a refined bezel setting. The faceted emerald cut white topaz is a window into worlds past and present.


Leah Alexandra Mayan Necklace Gold

Inspired by the mystery and wonder of ancient Mayan artifacts, comes this gold plated pendant necklace. Understated enough for everyday wear, or save for special occasions where you're certain to steal the show.


Leah Alexandra Channel Necklace w/ Moonstone

A delicate row of three channel-set aqua chalcedony baguettes. Slides along a 14k gold filled chain to be worn as an every day staple or layered among other chains and gems.


Leah Alexandra Rainbow Chain Studs

Diamond-esque CZs instantly illuminate your face while a gold plated chain detail completes the look.


Leah Alexandra Opal Necklace w/ Moonstone

These charming necklace unites sheen and shimmer, pairing opal wth moonstone for an iridescent glow. Prong set in gold plated sterling silver on a fine gold chain, prepared to withstand daily wear - because we guarantee you won't want to take this stunner


Leah Alexandra Cameo Necklace Labradorite

Drawing inspiration from the timeless grace of antique jewelry, this modern remake of a cameo necklace features an oval, cabochon labradorite stone housed in a rose gold frame - thoughtfully used to spotlight the stone's natural depth of beauty.


Leah Alexandra Note Necklace Gold

We love the elusive and romantic notion this pendant evokes. Only you need to know the stories near and dear to your heart, but allow this necklace to represent them all.


Leah Alexandra Classic Oval Locket

An heirloom in the making. The beloved locket receives a modern makeover, boasting a high-polished gold filled surface and sturdy rope chain, while still celebrating the iconic oval shape that acts as a home for your heart.


Leah Alexandra Opal Ring Black Garnet- size 7

Two worlds collide with this contrasting combination of gems - iridescent opal and bold black garnet - stacked and prong set in 18k gold plated silver for added sophistication.


Leah Alexandra Gem Necklace | Moonstone

An iconic Leah Alexandra design, where the simplicity says it all. A delicate, gold chain keeps the Moonstone gem pendant - emulating the look of a diamond - the focal point of this classic piece.