Lindsay Lewis

Min: $0 Max: $800

14k Gold Opal Rings

Choose between three unique opals delicately bound with 14k gold. Opals are a sign of justice and harmony believed to awaken creativity inside us.


Ara Ring

Transport yourself to the 1920's with this stunner. Top and bottom rows of striking black sapphires surrounding a bold, emerald cut chrome diopside making her presence known front and center. Special occasion worthy, everyday approved.


| Hemisphere Ring

Hemisphere ring has a folded circle that is reminiscent of Earths hemispheres. It is flanked by two delicate posts.


Moonstone Arlo Earrings

moonstone topped, long hoop inspired earrings with lots of movement.


Golden Era Necklace

Agate the stone of encouragement and support sits front and center. Its circular flowing energy calms, uplifts and elevates, reinforced by strong brass lines and curves.