Min: $0 Max: $850

Scosha- Daydream Ring

Multi Stone Ring


Scosha Evil Eye Ring in Gold with Opal & Mixed Stones

Solid gold band with opal center and mixed stones


Scosha Cloud Bar Ring- size 7

Gold ring with beautiful sapphires and emeralds


Wish Band

Turquoise and white diamond wish band ring


Scosha- Fairy Bead Thread Earrings

Silver beaded threader earring


Scosha Diamond Threader- single

10k threader earring with white diamond stone


Scosha Endless Knot Necklace with Mixed Stones

10k gold necklace with mixed precious stones


Scosha Evil Eye Pendant Necklace in Gold with Opal

Gold chain with opal center necklace


Wish Band

Emerald and white diamond wish band ring

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