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From:fran Multi Double Espresso/Lungo Mugs- White, Pink, Navy, Gold

This is a dainty and unique handmade mug with a beautiful accent of traditional 22kt gold luster and a glossy finish on the surface and inside. The colored clay, underglaze pencil, and gold accents give the surface a unique variation and texture.


From:fran Speckled Lively Espresso Cup- Gold, Pink, Green

Hand-built cute espresso cup. One-of-a-kind. It has a gold luster detail and granate powder speckles. Let the energy waves of this color combination help you reach the state of being untroubled. Restore balance and your energy field by doing the things yo


From:fran Mysterious Espresso Cup- Black, Grey, Gold

Black is technically not a color but it is bold, sleek, magical and mysterious. Use the Mysterious Cup to drink your morning espresso and set your intentions for the day.


Moroccan Moroccan Amber Glass with Gold Design- large

Not your typical highball. This amber, jewel toned glass is packed with ornate Moroccan-inspired details and gold decal, referencing the deep artistry of the Ottomans.


Clos du Manoir Clos du Manoir Linen Tea Pot- Grey

Afternoon tea never looked so good. French line Clos du Manoir brings a recreated 19th century, classic Belgian design to the 21st century. The soft, grey glaze ensure a simple, yet elegant finish. Pinky's up!


Fer a Cheval Dishwashing Liquid with Marseille Soap

Cleanse your dishes with an eco-friendly, all-natural, and hypoallergenic formula. Tough enough to degrease, gentle enough for hands, and lightly fragranced with Provençal olive. Let your dishes shine!


Fer a Cheval Geniune Marseille Liquid Soap

Sensitive skin rejoice! Swap your soap for this hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and dye-free formula. For hands or body, the composition of coconut oil and naturally enriched glycerin gently foams to cleanse and restore skin's balance. Lather up!


Durobor La Cuvee du Patron Glass

An iconic wine glass from Belgian barware innovators, Durobor. Imprinted with a detailed icon displaying ""La Cuvee du Patron,"" French for ""House Wine."" Red or White, ready for your pour!


Mixologie Mini Martini Glass with Gold Rim

Raise a glass to the glittering past! The roaring 20's are making a revival, meaning modern takes on craft cocktails and art deco design - a perfect pair, as seen in this inspired martini glass by Mixologie.


Dassie Artisan Handmade Serving Bowl

Dish up at the table with a couple of these Organic Serving Bowls that dress the table all by themselves through their gorgeous colour and semi-matte finish. Ideal for a relaxed supper!


Dassie Artisan Ridged Handmade Ceramic Mugs in Salmon

Cozy up with a mug of freshly brewed tea with this Ridged mug offering. Crafted in a traditional way with a hint of contemporary design, it's the imperfections that make each piece unique.

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