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Gusto Large Salad Bowl

170oz biodegradable bamboo fibre, a highly-renewable natural resource


Flute Brush Bistro

Give your most fragile kitchenware - from champagne flutes to baby bottles - the deep clean they deserve. Thoughtfully comprised of stainless steel, nylon, and cotton to ensure all materials are safe from scratches, while the flexible handle and fabric ti


Gusto Pasta/Salad Bowl

Biodegradable bamboo fibre, a highly-renewable natural resource


Swiss Travel Bottle

Hydration is key and this vintage water bottle is an essential. Reusable with a removable strap for convenience.


Nebraska Navy Quilted Dinner Plate

This Prairie collection is inspired by the great open plains of the American mid-West. Perfect for a picnic or outdoor entertaining, woo your guests with these vintage inspired quilted square plates.


| Ombre Glass Tumbler

Hand blown glass with two gradually fading blue tones that bring a modern classy look to the every ordinary clear drinking glass.


Dishwashing Liquid with Marseille Soap

Cleanse your dishes with an eco-friendly, all-natural, and hypoallergenic formula. Tough enough to degrease, gentle enough for hands, and lightly fragranced with Provençal olive. Let your dishes shine!


Clos du Manoir Linen Teapot- Grey

Afternoon tea never looked so good. French line Clos du Manoir brings a recreated 19th century, classic Belgian design to the 21st century. The soft, grey glaze ensure a simple, yet elegant finish. Pinky's up!


Serenity Double Espresso/Lungo Mug- Blue, Pink, Periwinkle

This is a handmade espresso shot mug built with colored porcelain. It has a beautiful accent of traditional 22kt gold luster on a ring shaped handle, a raw finish on the surface and a glossy finish inside.


Lime Wedge Bottle Opener

Don't let the fruit fool you, this Lime wedge bottle opener is nothing but sweet. Enjoy an ice cold beverage with this sharp, citrus themed bottle opener.


Cotton Candy Double Espresso/Lungo Mug- Pink, White

Add extra magic and a pink vibe to your day with this handmade porcelain mug built with stained pink and white slabs. It has a beautiful marbled look and a raw finish on the surface and a glossy finish inside. Holds 6 oz of your favorite drink.

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