Prosperity Chakra Necklace


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Find alignment and energy with a little intention and a sleek glass vial chakra necklace filled with specially selected semi-precious stones and enhancing essential oils. Targeting the heart and solar plexus chakras with bright green aventurine, citrine, and peridot stones, the Prosperity necklace invites opportunity, abundance, manifestation and stability. Find the right chakra necklace for your needs with the Balance Chakra Necklace, the Enlightenment Chakra Necklace, the Inner Power Chakra Necklace, the Peace Chakra Necklace, and the Vitality Chakra Necklace.

  • Sterling silver, glass, semi-precious stones (citrine, green aventurine, and peridot) and essential oil
  • 1.25 in. long pendant
  • 18 in. chain
  • Made in the USA