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Living Libations Living Libations Incense

Tube of incense sticks with holder


P.F. Candle Co. | No. 31 Cannabis Incense

Elevate your home, body and spirit with this cannabis, patchouli and vetiver scented incense.

Top: spiced cloves, lemon, cannabis flower
Heart: rhubarb, patchouli
Base: sweet balsamic, leather, vetiver


P.F. Candle Co. | No. 26 Copal Incense

A cleansing scent inspired by a weekend in Tulum. Resinous base of patchouli, cedar, vanilla and resin. A heart of thyme, amber, and cypress. Topped by rosemary, pepper, and cardamom.


P.F. Candle Co. | No. 19 Patchouli Sweetgrass Incense

This scent brings a modern interpretation to iconic patchouli. Classic base of patchouli and sandalwood. A heart of cedar and smoke. Topped by unexpected cream and sweetgrass.