L'Eau EDP Perfume

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  • To live in Switzerland is to be constantly surrounded by freshness. Crisp, cool air runs down from the Alps and across the Swiss Plateau, through thick green forest and across placid blue lakes. In the suburbs of Zurich, where Andy Tauer makes his home, it mingles with the springtime bloom of the lemon trees to create a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere that cools the lungs and invigorates the spirit. This is the fragrance of L'Eau, Tauer's purest, freshest, most delightfully casual scent to date.

    Unprecedented in its brightness, yet unmistakably a Tauer, L'Eau opens with a natural citrus chord of Italian bergamot, lemon and orange oil, just this side of juicy and balanced against the delicate white floral blossoms of the lemon tree and a powdery-fresh iris. Bright, musky woods feel elevated against mineral ambergris, as the classic "Tauerade" formula is reworked into its lightest, most nimble configuration possible. One spray and you'll be whisked away to Andy's veranda, savoring the beauty of Zurich and its surrounding forests laid out in front of you, anticipating the infinite possibilities of springtime in Switzerland.

    • 50 ml
    • L'Eau  Notes: Bergamot, lemon, orange oil, lemon blossom, iris, musk, woods, ambergris.
    • by Tauer

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