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Eskell Fine Jewelry | Eden Ametrine Ring- Sz.6

The phsyical and spiritual realms collide in the creation of this one of kind ring. Ametrine, the product of Amethyst and Citrine - bringing harmony to femininity and masculinity.


Lindsay Lewis | Hemisphere Ring

Sterling silver or brass


Bing Bang | Scarpa Ring | Sz. 8

Inspired by the sculptural geometries of modernist designer Carlo Scarpa. This ring appears boldly simple in its first impression... however closer inspection reveals a subtle concave surface detail.


Vintage Jewelry Antique 14k Gold and Diamond Shield Ring

Plucked from the night sky, this shield ring is adorned with celestial diamonds just for you.


Scosha | Endless Knot Necklace | Gold with Mixed Stones

This endless knot necklace is something we'll be wearing for eternity! A delicate chain displays the mixed precious stones, interconnected by a detailed, carved design on 10k gold.


Scosha | Evil Eye Pendant Necklace Gold w/Opal

If this necklace is evil, we don't want to be good. The solid, 10k gold chain displays a striking center Opal, surrounded by bezel set mixed precious stones including emerald, ruby, sapphire and turquoise

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