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Opal Rum Gum Ring Set - Size 7

This pair of rings, fit together like a starburst, perfect together and lovely apart, one for each of us or two for one of us, depending on our moods and outfits, the ones that changed with the sun and the tides and the music on the record player.


Daydream Ring - Size 7

The Daydream Ring is a bridge to new experiences and imagined worlds.


Sala Ring

Inspired by hidden doorways of the world. Adorn your finger with this ring for a singular and powerful statement. This cage ring features an open format with an arc on the top to resemble a doorway.


Vintage Florenza Cameo Bracelet

Carved shell and elegant gold lines form to create this vintage gold filled cameo bracelet.


14k Gold Opal Rings

Choose between three unique opals delicately bound with 14k gold. Opals are a sign of justice and harmony believed to awaken creativity inside us.


Vintage Amber Ring - Size 6.5

Vintage amber ring in square sterling silver setting.


Saint Croix Ring - Size 7

The delicate beauty of this ring does not go unnoticed. As two shells of venus sit on either side of a carefully picked pink tourmaline.

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