Home Staging by Eskell - Staged to Sell

A well-curated home is a full experience, bridging an emotional connection with a tangible vision to our most personal of spaces. We approach every project from the homeowner’s perspective, carefully considering each space a vignette with a unique story to tell. Our objective is always to elevate a property to its highest level of personal, functional and marketable curation.


Eskell’s home staging companies stage properties for Chicago real estate brokers.


About Eskell
Eskell is a renowned home and lifestyle in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood.

Why stage with us?
We have a proven track record of quick sales in all types of properties, from Gold Coast brownstones to industrial lofts and starter homes.

Each property is unique and we have the inventory and resources to bring our stagings to life with thoughtful, tailored décor to fit the space.

Eskell is widely known as a gifting destination store. We offer Real Estate industry discounts for post-sale client gifting. Contact us at info@eskell.com to set up your realtor account.


Home staging by Eskell provides market tools for real estate in Chicago.


See more of our individualized process, inventory selection, and unique decor with some of our recent successful sales.

Contact us at info@eskell.com for more information or to get started.